After years of working with Conor Walshe on over 10 projects with clients it is our privilege to be partnering with one of California’s leading pipe stress analysis experts and expansion joint designers. Partnering with CWA brings us a clear strategic advantage and expertise in the West Coast Markets. CWA brings a degree of knowledge to the table which is rarely encountered in the piping industry. This partnership gives us confidence that our clients will be receiving the very best that the industry has to offer.

American BOA

Director of Sales, American BOA - Industrial Division


A large contributor to the knowledge base at American BOA has been the capability to perform in-house testing in our state of the art on-site test lab. In addition to utilizing this lab to further our own knowledge of expansion joints, it can be utilized for customer specific expansion joint testing. Some common tests include the following:

High and Low-Frequency fatigue testing, Heat Transfer Testing, Spring Rate Testing, Bellows Burst Testing, Movement Capability Testing


  • In-line Pressure Balance Bellows
  • Pressure Balance Bellows
  • Universal Expansion joints
  • Gimbals
  • Tied Bellows
  • Formed Bellows
  • Edge Welded Bellows
  • Aerospace specialty bellows and expansion joints’

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Expansion joint 3D model