From Chemical Plants to Rockets

CWA Engineering specializes in high and low-temperature high-pressure piping systems. From pipe stress analysis conceptual studies to detailed piping design and drawings.

Pipe Stress Analysis Consulting Services

CWA Engineering excels in designing rocket launch GSE piping systems and optimizing tube system flight hardware. Additionally, we provide solutions for challenging environments like cryogenic piping systems and vacuum jacketed systems. Furthermore, our team supports clients’ pipe stress analysis, piping design, and pipe inspection needs across multiple industries. We prioritize efficient and precise pipe stress analysis for optimal performance and safety.

CWA Engineering’s work aids clients in replacing bellows, expansion joints, and engineered pipe supports on aging plants. Additionally, we conduct vibration analysis of piping systems, collaborating with clients to resolve challenges across various conditions.

Our team consistently collaborates with and supports clients’ pipe stress analysis teams. This collaboration includes specifying bellows, expansion joints, providing training, and assisting with workload and challenges. We always welcome discussions on pipe stress analysis, so please don’t hesitate to contact our team anytime.

For additional support and information please see for bellows, expansion joints and engineered pipe support product needs.

CWA Engineering: A rocket launching into space at night time.

Rocket Engines and Vehicles

CWA Engineering: Ground support equipment for piping stress analysis.

Ground Support Equipment

CWA Engineering: Industrial piping systems.

Industrial Piping Systems