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Piping Design

CWA Engineering focuses on crafting piping designs that prioritize ergonomics, economics, and feasibility for the end user’s project. We take pride in designing piping systems that ensure the longevity of plant operations. We actively collaborate with project teams, owners, engineering, and operating teams to achieve these goals promptly. Our piping design packages leverage 3D software, enabling clients to visualize the complete layout and all design considerations. We closely collaborate with structural and electrical engineering teams to prevent clashes and anticipate future egress issues on-site. Our team continually optimizes pipe support structures and challenges, paying meticulous attention to pipe support loads. Encouraging the broader team’s involvement, we aim to optimize scheduling and minimize cost impacts throughout the design process.

While our involvement spans many stages of a piping design package, our teams achieve their best results by engaging in the process from the early conceptual stages through to completion. Throughout our extensive experience in numerous projects, we’ve identified the primary cost-driving factor for piping, pipe supports, and structures: the necessity to manage pipe support loads or equipment allowable nozzle loads. Adequate consideration in the piping layouts for thermal expansion, along with occasional load requirements such as wind and seismic conditions, is crucial. In pipe stress analysis, wind and seismic loading can counteract the thermal expansion of the piping system. Therefore, addressing these challenges early in the design process is essential to avoid restricting more economical solutions later on. We always welcome detailed discussions with clients, so please feel free to reach out at any time to discuss piping design topics with our team. Contact Us.

Piping Design Packages

We provide additional services for clients including the development of plant 3D models and full sets of piping drawings for construction including:

Piping Plans


Pipe Support Drawigns


support Bill of Materials